Stupid Criminals!

This video is straight from Japan. What you are about to see is actually surveillance from an elevator cam. Pretty amazing footage!

Ah the things crack-head will do... never ceases to surprise me what they will do next! This poor guy has some real problems...

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The Best Dunk Ever!

Could this be the best dunk ever? It is quite the unbelievable move but hey, prove me wrong and show me one you think is better...

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An Amazing Rocket Explosion!

I guess there wouldn't be very many rocket explosions that aren't amazing, but hey this one really is the craziest one I have ever seen. A (luckily) unmanned rocket was carrying a 45 million dollar piece of equipment when something goes terribly wrong...

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The Weirdest Bowling Style I Have Ever Seen!

You gotta see this to believe it...

So what do you think should he be allowed to bowl this way? I really have no problem with it, I mean why not!

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The Best Hits From The AFL

So I guess the only question is are American's just wimps or are they smart for wearing pads while playing American Football.... You be the judge as you watch some of the most brutal hits I have ever seen courtesey of the Australian Football Leage!

And now the American version... Which do you think takes a bigger pair of balls to play?

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Joe Lewis One Of The Best...

This video shows some of the finest knockouts from Joe Lewis's career. Good stuff and you gotta love the Joe Lewis Arena too!

Sure that was pretty crazy but wait till you see this Nascar crash... man this is pretty unbelievable that anyone could walk away from this!

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The 100th Post Here At Nothing But Videos!

Amazing that is has already been 100 posts... just boggles the mind! Well what better way to celebrate then to watch a good wipeout video. Enjoy!

Here is a look back on some of the finer moments over the past 100 posts...

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