Man Pulls Helicopter With His Ears!

Some people will do some pretty crazy things to get into the Guinness Book Of World Records, but this is just too much! You can feel Lasha Pataraia's pain just by watching...

If you think that is crazy look what these people designed... Quite impressive robotics!

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The Craziest Field Goal You Will Ever See

This field goal by the Cleavland Browns kicker Phil Dawson was from 51 yards out. This play just happened this past weekend... Just plain amazing!

Kickers don't win all the time though, check out this next play which is official the longest play in the NFL. This amazing runback by Antonio Cromartie went for 109 yards!

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Top 50 Outrageous Moments In Sports!

This is the entire show that aired a while back on The Best Damn Sports Show Period. Some of these are just hilarious, others disturbing and some just plain painful... I am sure you will enjoy the mix!

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Bad News Bulls

This next video is pure bull riding... these guys have either got a ton of courage or not a lot going on upstairs, just maniacs!

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