Front Flip Onto Skateboard

I wonder how many takes it took before William Spencer nailed this mad trick? Now this takes REAL talent!

Sure that was pretty damn good right? Well check out this skateboarding trick... blows it out of the water!

Ok that one really wasn't that cool, but have a look at this Motorcross double back flip... Not too shabby eh?

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Philips Carousel Commercial

Quite possibly the best commercial ever made! Doesn't change the fact that I don't have enough money to buy one of those flat screen TVs... but maybe someday...

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Survival Of The Fittest

This next video is entitled Darwin Award for Dimwits 4... As you can imagine it involves a lot of pain, explosions and general insanity... Enjoy!

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Best Bartender In The World

Move over Tom Cruise, this guy would blow you out of the water! Watch as he wields the bottle like a master. I wonder if this bartender does private parties?

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Chameleon Changing Colors

This really is amazing, watch as this Chameleon match all of these different pairs of sunglasses to a tee! Unbelievable that nature can come up with these types of traits and man still cannot duplicate it...

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