I Need A Hero!

Ah the song fits this clip so well... I had to laugh... Watch the amazing heroics...

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Car Slams Into Overpass: Brutal Video

If you can believe it the guy actually was thrown from the car and survive this horrific accident... Truly unbelievable...

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Best Wheel Of Fortune Player Ever

I got a good feeling about this lady... Just something about her... I bet she wins the big money!

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How Ninjas Handle A Motorcycle Crash

His master must have taught him well... Or this guy is the luckiest guy on the planet... One of the two...

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Jumping Through Hula Hoops

Some people just have too much time on their hands... Like these four dudes... I wonder how many times it took em to get this right... BRING BACK THE HULA HOOP!

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The Death Of A Washing Machine

And this is why you never wash a brick... I really never knew that...

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Amazing what a little adrenaline can do for ya when your life is endanger... I would like to see the Bolt runner go up against this guy...

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How To Avoid The Toll Booth

Apparently this guy was drunk and forgot to brake...

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Walking On Water

It's not just for Jesus anymore... Watch as these water walking professionals manage to scurry across the water...

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Biggest And Best Jumps Of All Time

If you afraid of heights you might not wanna watch this next video. Get ready for one serious adrenaline rush!

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Man Struck By Lightning Caught On Tape!

Here is some amazing footage that was provided by one of our viewers. Amazing that this guy didn't get fried to a crisp... It was kinda hard to see the first time around, but you will get to see the lightning strike again in slow motion. Have a look...

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Train Vs. Flood

Who do you think will win this epic battle? Take a minute out of your life and press the play button to find out...

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A Brief History Of Everything

They did a really good job with this little flipbook animation! Enjoy the history of the world...

Motorcycle Jump Fail Of The Century!

Courtesy of the folks at Max X... My favorite show of all time... What the hell happen to Max X anyways? I mean can you ever get enough of this?

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Winter Fun Gone Wrong

Sure everyone knows that sliding on a snow covered ping pong table is a winter tradition, but I think these guess need a bit more practice...

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How To Blow Up A Microwave The Right Way

Sure there is a lot of different ways to make your microwave blow up, but do you know which one to use? Perhaps a box of wine? Ok seriously, don't try this at home, watch what happens!

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Brutal Bench Clearing Hockey Brawl From Russia

Starts out a bit slow, but the end is worth the wait! Sometimes I wish the NHL was more like this... This one just happened at the beginning of January 2010.

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Brutal Dumbbell Faceplant

Maybe this guy should have started out a little lighter on the weighs... Just a thought...

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Cheerleader Jumping

Could it be a new Olympic sport? I think it might get quite the ratings for some reason... One thing is for sure though John Wall has got some ups!

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