The Bionic Dolphin Watercraft

I gotta get one of these! Cruise the surface at 40 mph or dive just below the surface at speeds up to 25mph. Enjoy panoramic views above and below the water as you perform wild aquabatic tricks, like 360 degree barrel rolls or porpoising like a dolphin. The name of the company that produces these is Innespace!

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Unbelievable ECHL Double Knockout

It's only 16 seconds, but still who doesn't love the double knockout?

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The Best Midget Wrestling Video On The Net

I am sure there are some pretty crazy midget wrestling videos out there floating around, but I would wager that none of them come close to this bizarre display of wrestling skills...

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Sore Loser

One of the best videos on the Internet under 10 seconds hands down...

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Goalkeeper Blunders

I never did envy the keepers in soccer... Who the hell would want that job? I mean this could happen to you for all you know! I guess everybody has there bad day in soccer, but man these goalies are REALLY bad!

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Hockey Player Bites Finger

Watch as Jakko Ruutu tries to take a bite out of Buffalo Bruins player Jason Peters! Somehow I get the feeling this was not the first time something like this happened in hockey...

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Who The Hell Is Driving This Thing?

Talk about adding insult to injury! I hope this poor lady is ok...

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Impressive Martial Arts Fight

This must have taken LOTS of practice and I am guessing a couple bumps and bruises as well to perfect this fight scene. Quite impressive and the speed of the whole fight is just amazing!

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The Best Homemade Water Slide Ever

When the parents are away the children will play that is for sure. Check out this massive homemade water slide that starts at the roof top level. This would be so fun to try out!

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Paraskiing Down A Massive Mountain

Some of you have probably played one of those snowboarding games where you are flying down a mountain at massive speeds. Sure that is quite the rush, but wouldn't you like to see what it would look like in real life and with a parasail? Sure you would, so here you go...

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The Ladder Race

Why do I get the feeling that these people waisted way too much time practicing for this one? Well, either way I guess they got some exercise out of it, just look at this guy move! Behold the once yearly Ladder Race...

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I Am Guessing This Guy Got Fired

He is lucky to escape with his life to tell you the true. He must have missed that Hi-Low safety video that they show you when you start a new job...

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