Wrecking Ball Destroys Passing Car

I am guessing somebody got fired for this little accident. Watch as a passing mini van gets LEVELED by a out of control wrecking ball!

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Swing Leap Fail

O my this has got to hurt, watch as this chick tries to do the classic leap from the swing in mid air. Let's just say it doesn't turn out too well...

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Subway Stops Inches Before Drunk Woman

This lady picked a bad day to fall of the wagon... Or in this case the train station... Watch as this intoxicated woman falls into the tracks of an oncoming subway train! What happens next is just unbelievable!

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Dirty Woman's Soccer Player Elizabeth Lampert

Ok, this chick is crazy no doubt... I promises I wouldn't do any PMS jokes so I will just let you watch Elizabeth Lampert tear the other team apart in this college soccer game!

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