They Don't Call It "Great" For Nothing!

The poor seal... Pretty cool footage of a great white shark attacking it's prey...

Slow Motion Power...

Amazing footage of a bullet traveling through various object including an apple, banana, playing card, soda can, an egg, and a water bottle. Tough to say which one is my favorite.... I guess the egg, what about you?

How to park your motor cross motor bike

A viral video classic watch as this guy nails the motor cross jump right into the...

For more videos watch Survival Of The Fittest!

Beatles Juggling Madness

I always liked these few beatles songs... he keeps up pretty well


A Sand Storm Closing In on a Military Post in Iraq....

Anti Tank Missle!

The sheer power of this anti tank missile is visibile through this amazing slow motion video sequence recorded by Redstone. In addition to the spectacular ring of fire, the guide wire can clearly be seen unwinding from the rear. Sweet Video!

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