The Four Handed Guitar

2 people, one guitar... Serious jam!

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Massive Lake Explosion

I really can't explain why someone would be doing something like this... Watch as what appears to be some sort of explosion is set off causing a miniature tsunami. Maybe they were fishing?

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The Does Nothing O Matic

I am not sure what exactly is the purpose of this massive contraption, but whatever it is it must have taken a very long time to make! Somebody had a little too much time on their hands...

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Super Slow Motion

Things are never as cool in regular speed I can tell you that for sure, watch as the Brainiacs show you some common things such as a lighter lighting and a balloon popping only in super slow motion... Sweet...

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The Human Powered Ferris Wheel

These guys are nuts, watch as they manage to get this Ferris Wheel flying just with their body weighs... I gotta say that is one dangerous trick, but very entertaining none the less...

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The Best Light Display So Far This Year!

I wish this was my house, but I really just don't have the time between work and blogging, you understand right? Enjoy and Merry Christmas a bit early!

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The Impossible Piggy Backflip

Well I guess it's not actually impossible, but I certainly couldn't do it, how about you?

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Crazy Low Flying Jets

I don't think I would have the guts to step inside one of these speed machines... I not even very good at rollercoasters! I can't even imagine... Watch as you see these jets breaking the speed barrier, look for the cloud around the jet, pretty amazing!

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A Soccer Style Celebration In Hockey

Watch as Miroslav Kopriva goes crazy after making a great save... I have never seen a hockey goalie go quite so crazy, have you?

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Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong With Nunchuck

I gotta say that is pretty impressive, then again what have you seen by Bruce Lee that isn't? I bet I could take him at Ping Pong though...

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The Disappearing Sea Plant

The wonders of nature never cease to amaze. Watch as this sea plant at the bottom of the ocean disappears right before your eyes! Now that is some pretty good defense against getting eaten!

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Levitating Water Illusion

This is pretty cool, watch as the water appears to be going up and down... In reality there are a series of strobe lights that make the illusion work. I need one of these!

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Cruise Ship Nightmare

Ok first up the beginning of this video is very slow, you might as well skip to about 1:28 that is when the ship starts hitting the fan! They end is just unbelievable I would have liked to have seen the view from the outside of the cruise ship, those waves must have been unbelievable!

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Extreme Sports Bloopers

My personal favorite has to be the midget wrestling face slide... You'll know it when you see it! Which one did you like best?

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Extreme Kayaking

You would have to be crazy to try something like this! Watch as these Kamikaze kayakers in reach speeds of 45mph at the Mid Wales reservoir!

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Fastest Drinker In The World

This guy must have won a bunch of bets in college for all those drinking games. Watch as he downs this water in under 5 seconds! Impressive...

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The Next Ronaldo

At just 6 years old this kid has moves that would fool a lot of pros out there in the soccer/football world. He just needs to get a little more size to him and he will be unstoppable... Just check out these moves!

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Another Semi Driver Losses His Job

Semi vs. Train which one do you think will win... Not much of a contest really, but still pretty entertaining to watch!

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Top Ten NHL Goalie Mistakes

Let me just say that it isn't easy being a goalie... Poor guys really screwed up on these days!

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Bad Ass Soccer Players

I have seen a lot of soccer videos on the net, but nothing quite like this. Here I thought this was just going to be another stupid soccer video... Boy was I wrong!

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Can You Tell What's Going To Happen?

The stupidity of some people really does amaze me sometimes... Watch as this chump feeds his hand to the alligator... Not too smart!

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Amazing Pumpkin Carvings

I can't even imagine how long it took to make some of these pumpkin carvings... Very impressive, which one is your favorite?

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Massive Check Breaks Glass

Milan Lucic hits Mike Van Ryn in an NHL game just the other day 10/23/08. Kerblam... that really describes it well...

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The Halloween Theme Song

Anyone who has seen the Halloween movie series can relate to this next video. I got say they did a great job with the whole production... Have a look!

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Sarah Palin Vs. Terry Tate

I am sure at least some of you have seen the now infamous Katie Couric interview with Sarah Palin. Katie asks her a relatively simple question about which newspaper she reads on a regular basis. Just wait till you hear her answer, I bet it is not what you expect...

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Just Another Moron On Youtube

When I first saw this video I thought, you can't be serious, but alas this really did happen!! Watch this over and over and don't be a fool and try this on the road...

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Landslide Caught On Tape

What you are about to see is some crazy footage of a landslide in action. The guy shooting the video is pretty darn lucky he wasn't much closer...

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Water Heater Explosion

This is from the show Mythbusters, watch as they crank up the pressure in a water heater till it can't take anymore. Pretty serious explosion...

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One Of The Greatest Football Catches You Will Ever See

Watch and wonder how Edwin Baptiste from Morgan State made this unbelievable catch...

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Get Ready For The NHL Season

I am not too sure what starts this first fight from over in Russia... Mahaps you know...

This next one is a classic Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers, apparently one of the fans grabs a Boston players stick. That is a no-no...

Here is yet another classic... funny that Chelios is still playing and invovled in this old clip from 1984, but what can I say, he is the Ironman! This is the Canadiens vs. the Qu├ębec Nordiques.

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Jumping Over Bulls

That right you read that correctly what you are about to see should never be attempted up any circumstances. Watch as these crazy guys jump right over a rushing bull! Now this is a little too close for comfort if you ask me...

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Amazing Street Performers

First up is a gentleman from Montreal. The beginning is nothing too spectacular, but once he gets going it's pretty impressive. Have a look...

This next clip is a video of a guy jumping over 10 people! Now that was cool, but I wish they would have replayed it in slow motion...

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One Less SUV To Worry About

But, but, but I saw this is a car commercial, you mean SUVs aren't invincible and can't climb mountains? Some people just get what they deserve, this is one of them...

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Geraldo Gets Taken Out By Hurricane Ike

I guess this is for all those years of horrible journalism... Poor Geraldo gets blasted by the incoming waves from Hurricane Ike in Galveston Texas.

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Super Slam Into Sign

If you like really bad, painful bike wipe outs then you will love this video. Man that certainly looks like it hurt!!!

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Government Coverup Of UFO On CNN?

Can anyone tell me exactly when this was aired? The US was apparently testing a missile of some sort when a UFO came right up to it. Have a look and tell me what you think...

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Worst Waitress In The World

You have to wonder if this lady had a few drinks on the job... Poor girl, I hope she is ok, but I have a feeling she got fired over this one!

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Slow Motion Lightning

You have to admit this is pretty cool! Watch this video of a lightning strike in super slow motion...

Sticking with the slow motion theme here is another slow mo clip, this one I am not gonna give away, you'll just have to watch.

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Very Bad Landing

First of all don't watch this if you are squeamish, here is a brutal gymnastics landing. I can almost feel it in my knees, poor guy! I guess he was back in the gym in 2 weeks, amazing really after watching this...

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And They Say Wrestling Fans Ain't Smart!

Ask for a chair and you get a chair... or two! Luckily everyone is ok... I bet he won't ask for anything from the crowd ever again. This just goes to show you the craziness of mob mentality!

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Pelican Swallows Pigeon Whole!

This is some seriously messed up stuff! Watch as this giant Pelican eats a Pigeon in Central Park, New York City. Maybe this will help take care of the big Pigeon problem there...

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So That's How They Do That Magic Trick!

Well you can wonder no more thanks to Penn & Teller! This is the classic put the girl in the box and cut it in half trick. I never knew exactly how they did it until today... Just wait for the ending it's worth it!

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Elephant Sits On Man's Head!

This video is certainly not for the faint of heart! Watch as this stupid man gets a little too close to the rear end of an elephant. He is lucky to be alive, but I can only imagine the amount of jokes his buddies have come up with about this day...

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Could This Be The Worst Diver In The World?

Not too smart that is for sure, I don't want to ruin it for you, just watch...

I wonder what happened next? It really looked like that truck got smashed up bad! For more crazy videos check out Don't Mess With This Kid or An Elephant Painting A Self Portrait!

Why You Don't Give Stupid People Grenades!

These people are very lucky this didn't turn out much, much worse. I am guess this guy's butterfinger moment will never be lived down...

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Don't Mess With This Chick

Or this could happen to you! What a knee! If anyone can translate, please do, I can't wait to find out what exactly they are saying...

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A Horrible Train Wreck

This driver is not too smart... Didn't they tell you in driver's ed not to try and outrun a train? I guess there are a lot of stupid people in the world...

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One Hell Of A Catch

Either this is fake footage or this is the best ball girl in the entire world! Just watch this spectacular catch...

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Don't Mess With This Kid!

If I didn't know any better I would have thought this kid was trained by Bruce Lee! What a knockout! I hope that kid is ok, because he is certainly out cold...

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The Worst Faceplant Ever!

O man that has to hurt! After I saw this Kite Tubing video I think I might just think twice about trying it out. What a faceplant...

Huge Kite-Tubing Faceplant - Watch more free videos

Now that your warmed up here is a compilation of the worst faceplants in the world! Ouch... I hope these people are all ok. It is even painful just to watch!

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The Worst Tumors Ever

First up is an amazing 303lbs tumor! You would think that this woman would have gone to the doctors sooner...

Next up is a poor girl with a massive tumor on her face. I would like to know how this surgery came out. What a nightmare...

Finally here is another unbelievable tumor on the face. I am surprised that the elders of the village would not want her to try and get this fixed. I am sure if they did nothing she would die... Again though I wonder what happened?

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Unassited Triple Play By Asdrubal Cabrera

Watch as Asdrubal Cabrera turns out one of only 14 unassisted triple plays in Major League Baseball history! What a play!

Here is another triple play, not quite as impressive as the first, but still pretty good...

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The Price Is So Very Wrong

This clip from the Price Is Right is spreading around like crazy. Watch as this poor lady thinks she wins not once, but twice. I'm sure nobody saw it right?

Next up is a classic from the Price Is Right. Can you believe how young Bob Barker looks in this clip?

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The Double Knockout

This is something that you don't see everyday. Shaun Parker and Tyler Bryan are fighting at LFC 25 on May 16th, it doesn't take long...

Insane Double-Knockout - Watch more free videos

Next up is a skateboarding trick that I would never try... Imagine if this would have went wrong... Ouch!

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Very Funny Sports Bloopers

My personal favorite has to be the wrestling one... Poor rednecks are going to be so pissed when they see this : ) The first one is hilarious too... which is your fav?

Sports Bloopers - The best home videos are here

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The 197 Foot Short Handed Goal

When I was first watching this I though for sure it would be an empty netter from the goalie or something... Boy was I wrong!

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That was the luckiest shot I have seen since the Lindstrom goal this playoffs! Rob Davison had something on his side when he let that one go!

The Best Bicycle Bloopers On The Internet!

This is why it is encouraged that you should wear a helmet at all times when operating a bicycle : )

There is nothing quite like a good face plant as you can tell by this next clip...

This one has a couple other crashes besides bicycles, but still it is fun to watch : )

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Sean Avery Vs. Martin Brodeur!

Call it what you will the NHL had to make a new rule because of what Sean Avery did in this game between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils! What an insane hockey play by this former Red Wing Sean Avery...

Just in case you haven't heard on Mr. Sean Avery here is a little taste of some of his work with the Kings...

He does have the unique ability to get under people's skin, that is for sure! Even Don Cherry can't take his craziness... I guess maybe it was a good thing that the Red Wings got rid of him, but he sure is fun to watch : )

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Amazing Soccer Videos

How did this one no goal in? Talk about chances! I guess when your unlucky, your unlucky...

Pay attention to the colors on the two team and look at who really scores the soccer goal in this one... Ouch!

For more videos check out these top five soccer goals or these crazy soccer moves!

One Of The Biggest Tornadoes Caught On Tape!

This tornado footage was taken on June 23, 2007 near Oakville Manitoba. It is amazing to see this tornado forming and then splitting apart and forming again. Must have been a real rush to film this footage!

Next up is another storm chasing video, this one has some insane tornado footage in it as well! Just take a look at how high that funnel goes up into the sky, unbelievable...

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A Bloody Tennis Match!

I bet you have never seen anything quite like this! Mikhail Youzhny and Nicolas Almagro duel it out in a exciting point, what happens next is shocking...

This next clip is hot off the soccer field... I gotta say it is never good when a match ends like it did in this game from the Hungarian Cup!

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An Elephant Painting!

This is an amazing clip from Chiang Mai, Thailand! Watch as this elephant paints his own self portrait... 8 minutes long, but it is worth it!

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Top Ten Jackie Chan Stunts

Jackie Chan is one of the most talented stunt man, if not the most talented stunt man ever to grace the screen. In this clip you will get to enjoy his top ten stunts as told by one of his biggest fans. Some of these stunts really look like they hurt... I wonder how many bones he has broken over his career?

Maybe Jackie Chan should try this one on for size... Behold the reverse bungee jump!

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Crazy TV Fights!

You gotta love it when celebrities go crazy... they have such a hard life! I mean if it is really that bad just take what money you have and go! Must be nice...

Then again there are some celebrities out there that are made to fight. Jackie Chan for instance... This ranks up there with one of the greatest movies fight scenes of all time!

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Unbelievable Basketball Shots

Could this be the most unbelievable shot in a basketball game ever? You be the judge it is quite impressive...

This one is from last season, what an amazing shot by Rasheed Wallace! He manages to hit a 62 footer to extend the game into overtime. Being from just outside Detroit this was definitely a night to remember...

Let us know which one you thought was more unbelievable the first video or the second video. For more from Nothing But Videos check out Aliens Are Invading or the great escape!

Ooops! Backstrom Scores On His Own Goal!

It always sucks when this happens... Niklas Backstrom pulls the cardinal sin and manages to score on his own goal! Not too mention there was less then a minute left in the game and the score was tied...

This is how it is supposed to be done! Here are the top 10 goals from the NHL while falling down...

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One Of The Luckiest Guys Around!

Wow! That was cutting it close...

And then there is this... One of the worst crashes I have ever seen.

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Hockey Is Just Plain Dangerous!

This has been all over the news the last few days, this is a video of Richard Zednik being cut by his own teammates skate. Very scary stuff, and very graphic...

Ouch! In this video Mike Modano cuts Jamie Heward with a high skate to the face... not for the faint of heart...

This one is just as brutal, lucky the goalie made it, but it just goes to show you that hockey is a very dangerous sport! It is after this that goalies started wearing neck guards...

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Funny Moments In Sports

This is truly embarassing! You would think you would at least practice a little bit before going out there to throw the first pitch in a baseball game.

You can really blame the keeper for this one...

And finally who ever said cheerleading is a dangerous, contact sport hasn't seen this video!

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The Coolest Skateboarding Video You Will Ever See

It's called the Lakai Fully Flared Intro and is full of crazy stunts in slow motion with... that's right explosions! You gotta love the combo...

I know you are looking for more so check out these crazy moves... You gotta admit this takes some mad talent!

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The World's Most Amazing Accidents!

This first video is all from the show "The World's Most Amazing Videos"! I can guarantee you that this will be the craziest 7 minutes you will see today... Watch out some of this stuff is pretty graphic! The skier accidents have to be the worst...

Ok maybe I was wrong... This could be the craziest 7 minutes you will see! You can almost feel their pain!

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Aliens Are Invading!!!

Ok, well maybe not, but there sure has been a lot of strange occurrences of late. This video from a news station in Finland shows us a burning falling object coming into our atmosphere... It should would help if I could tell what they are saying! What do you think?

This next one is pretty crazy as well... This was taken right next to the Twin Towers in New York City. There are other videos of this out there, but the Japanese slowed it down. If it's a fake they did a pretty good job!

And finally here is some of the most authentic alien footage on the net...

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Brutal Football Hits!

First up just wanted to say Happy New Year from Nothing But Videos!

To celebrate here are some vicious football hits! So who do you think is going to make it to the Superbowl? Leave your reply in the comments...

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