Soccer Kick To The Face

Ok I have played a bit of soccer in my day and I don't remember this one being legal... What do you think?

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100 Years Of Special Effects

This video shows us just how far special effects have come over the past 100 years... I think kids these days are spoiled with what are in today's movies. Amazing what they can do...

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Crazy Lady Beats Lawnmower

With a title like that how could you NOT want to watch this one : ) I think this lady has a few angry management issues...

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Soccer Player Scores On Own Goal

O man this guy shoots like a forward even on defense... Talk about a screw up... If this was in the World Cup you could get killed over something like this!

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Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

A gotta admit I am not the biggest fan on Anderson Silva, but he really showed who was the better fighter in this match... Just plain embarrassing! Forrest Griffin should perhaps reconsider his job as a UFC fighter.

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Extreme Pool Jumping

Either this video is fake, or this guy over in Russia has a death wish! Just look at that ramp!!! One hell of a slip n slide!

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Horse Jumps Car!

Amazing footage from Israel just hit the net yesterday, watch as this horse attempts to jump over this oncoming car... I wish the camera would have kept rolling so I could see what happens next!

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Flood Takes Out Road

Ok this next video starts out a little slow, but it is worth it... Watch as the river complete demolishes this road and show it where it wants to flow!

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