The Best Bicycle Bloopers On The Internet!

This is why it is encouraged that you should wear a helmet at all times when operating a bicycle : )

There is nothing quite like a good face plant as you can tell by this next clip...

This one has a couple other crashes besides bicycles, but still it is fun to watch : )

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Sean Avery Vs. Martin Brodeur!

Call it what you will the NHL had to make a new rule because of what Sean Avery did in this game between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils! What an insane hockey play by this former Red Wing Sean Avery...

Just in case you haven't heard on Mr. Sean Avery here is a little taste of some of his work with the Kings...

He does have the unique ability to get under people's skin, that is for sure! Even Don Cherry can't take his craziness... I guess maybe it was a good thing that the Red Wings got rid of him, but he sure is fun to watch : )

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Amazing Soccer Videos

How did this one no goal in? Talk about chances! I guess when your unlucky, your unlucky...

Pay attention to the colors on the two team and look at who really scores the soccer goal in this one... Ouch!

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One Of The Biggest Tornadoes Caught On Tape!

This tornado footage was taken on June 23, 2007 near Oakville Manitoba. It is amazing to see this tornado forming and then splitting apart and forming again. Must have been a real rush to film this footage!

Next up is another storm chasing video, this one has some insane tornado footage in it as well! Just take a look at how high that funnel goes up into the sky, unbelievable...

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A Bloody Tennis Match!

I bet you have never seen anything quite like this! Mikhail Youzhny and Nicolas Almagro duel it out in a exciting point, what happens next is shocking...

This next clip is hot off the soccer field... I gotta say it is never good when a match ends like it did in this game from the Hungarian Cup!

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