An Elephant Painting!

This is an amazing clip from Chiang Mai, Thailand! Watch as this elephant paints his own self portrait... 8 minutes long, but it is worth it!

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Top Ten Jackie Chan Stunts

Jackie Chan is one of the most talented stunt man, if not the most talented stunt man ever to grace the screen. In this clip you will get to enjoy his top ten stunts as told by one of his biggest fans. Some of these stunts really look like they hurt... I wonder how many bones he has broken over his career?

Maybe Jackie Chan should try this one on for size... Behold the reverse bungee jump!

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Crazy TV Fights!

You gotta love it when celebrities go crazy... they have such a hard life! I mean if it is really that bad just take what money you have and go! Must be nice...

Then again there are some celebrities out there that are made to fight. Jackie Chan for instance... This ranks up there with one of the greatest movies fight scenes of all time!

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Unbelievable Basketball Shots

Could this be the most unbelievable shot in a basketball game ever? You be the judge it is quite impressive...

This one is from last season, what an amazing shot by Rasheed Wallace! He manages to hit a 62 footer to extend the game into overtime. Being from just outside Detroit this was definitely a night to remember...

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Ooops! Backstrom Scores On His Own Goal!

It always sucks when this happens... Niklas Backstrom pulls the cardinal sin and manages to score on his own goal! Not too mention there was less then a minute left in the game and the score was tied...

This is how it is supposed to be done! Here are the top 10 goals from the NHL while falling down...

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