The Four Handed Guitar

2 people, one guitar... Serious jam!

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Massive Lake Explosion

I really can't explain why someone would be doing something like this... Watch as what appears to be some sort of explosion is set off causing a miniature tsunami. Maybe they were fishing?

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The Does Nothing O Matic

I am not sure what exactly is the purpose of this massive contraption, but whatever it is it must have taken a very long time to make! Somebody had a little too much time on their hands...

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Super Slow Motion

Things are never as cool in regular speed I can tell you that for sure, watch as the Brainiacs show you some common things such as a lighter lighting and a balloon popping only in super slow motion... Sweet...

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The Human Powered Ferris Wheel

These guys are nuts, watch as they manage to get this Ferris Wheel flying just with their body weighs... I gotta say that is one dangerous trick, but very entertaining none the less...

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The Best Light Display So Far This Year!

I wish this was my house, but I really just don't have the time between work and blogging, you understand right? Enjoy and Merry Christmas a bit early!

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The Impossible Piggy Backflip

Well I guess it's not actually impossible, but I certainly couldn't do it, how about you?

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Crazy Low Flying Jets

I don't think I would have the guts to step inside one of these speed machines... I not even very good at rollercoasters! I can't even imagine... Watch as you see these jets breaking the speed barrier, look for the cloud around the jet, pretty amazing!

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A Soccer Style Celebration In Hockey

Watch as Miroslav Kopriva goes crazy after making a great save... I have never seen a hockey goalie go quite so crazy, have you?

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