The Tape Measure Master!

Must be a union worker cause this guy seems to have an awful lot of time on his hands! Watch as he amazes the world with his tape measuring skills!

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Messier Hits Modano

Sure that hockey hit looked mighty painful, but just wait till the end of the video...

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Bus Close Call

Ok this is without a doubt one of the luckiest guys on the planet! Talk about a close call! You might need to watch this video a few times!

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Wrecking Ball Destroys Passing Car

I am guessing somebody got fired for this little accident. Watch as a passing mini van gets LEVELED by a out of control wrecking ball!

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Swing Leap Fail

O my this has got to hurt, watch as this chick tries to do the classic leap from the swing in mid air. Let's just say it doesn't turn out too well...

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Subway Stops Inches Before Drunk Woman

This lady picked a bad day to fall of the wagon... Or in this case the train station... Watch as this intoxicated woman falls into the tracks of an oncoming subway train! What happens next is just unbelievable!

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Dirty Woman's Soccer Player Elizabeth Lampert

Ok, this chick is crazy no doubt... I promises I wouldn't do any PMS jokes so I will just let you watch Elizabeth Lampert tear the other team apart in this college soccer game!

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Australian Baby Stroller Video

OMG that was scary! Luckiest Baby On The Planet?!

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9 Year Old's Unbelievable Hockey Goal

This kid is better than a lot of NHL players! I have never seen anything quite like it in hockey!

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Michigan Vs. Michigan State 2009

Just got done watching the game a little while ago... Looked like Michigan might come back and win the game, but Michigan State came out on top in Overtime! Exciting game and the better team won!

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Stupiest Football Play Ever

Not too smart their buddy... He will never live it down... Almost as bad as laces out!

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Coolest Guy In The World

The umbrella and rubix cube was a nice touch... This guy is a mad man watch as he does some completely insane tricks!

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Soccer Kick To The Face

Dirty, dirty, dirty! Talk about a cheap shot, you can tell this guy meant to slash this guys face open! Looked like a clean tackle to me before that on top of it!

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The Funniest Knockout Face Ever

O man, I don't know if this guy is ever gonna look the same after taking a shot like that! The look on that guys face is just priceless...

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Greatest Football Comeback Ever

This video was shot in 1994 at the Texas state championship game... Plano East down 41-17 to Tyler John Tyler less than three minutes to go. What you are about to see is considered to be the greatest football comeback ever!

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Boxer Punches Himself In The Face

After see something like this you would think this boxer might reconsider his career choice... Maybe he has just gone emo on us...

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Football Player Punches Player In Face

Seriously could you make it any easier to make fun of stupid steroid taking football players... Talk about no class... How do these guys make it this far in the first place... Oregon Ducks RB LeGarrette Blount has been suspended for the season after this ridiculous cheap shot. What a loser...

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Soccer Kick To The Face

Ok I have played a bit of soccer in my day and I don't remember this one being legal... What do you think?

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100 Years Of Special Effects

This video shows us just how far special effects have come over the past 100 years... I think kids these days are spoiled with what are in today's movies. Amazing what they can do...

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Crazy Lady Beats Lawnmower

With a title like that how could you NOT want to watch this one : ) I think this lady has a few angry management issues...

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Soccer Player Scores On Own Goal

O man this guy shoots like a forward even on defense... Talk about a screw up... If this was in the World Cup you could get killed over something like this!

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Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

A gotta admit I am not the biggest fan on Anderson Silva, but he really showed who was the better fighter in this match... Just plain embarrassing! Forrest Griffin should perhaps reconsider his job as a UFC fighter.

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Extreme Pool Jumping

Either this video is fake, or this guy over in Russia has a death wish! Just look at that ramp!!! One hell of a slip n slide!

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Horse Jumps Car!

Amazing footage from Israel just hit the net yesterday, watch as this horse attempts to jump over this oncoming car... I wish the camera would have kept rolling so I could see what happens next!

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Flood Takes Out Road

Ok this next video starts out a little slow, but it is worth it... Watch as the river complete demolishes this road and show it where it wants to flow!

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And This Is The Story About How I Broke My Back For The 7th Time!

This madman tries to jump the St Lawrence river... Not a good move dude, even with your sweet car!

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Tony Vs. Paul Stop Motion

One of the coolest stop motion fights I have ever seen!!! Then again though... I can't say I have seen too many : ) Still pretty sweet...

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Michael Jackson's Hair On Fire

This video has been swirling around the Internet since Michael's sudden death. Crazy footage of him doing a Pepsi commercial when his hair gets set on fire. Lucky for him he pulls one of his crazy moves and the fire goes out...

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Karma Is A Bitch

I guess that is what you get when you mess with hockey karma... The Hockey gods were not please with this fan, it's never good when you take a stick in the eye!

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Real Zombies

What you about to see will shock you, will scare you... but is it really real? You be the judge, are those really blood thirsty Zombies? Can someone please translate...

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The Best Indoor Soccer Goal Ever

Of course this unbelievable move it comes from the Brazilian soccer team! Watch as he totally makes the keeper look the fool... Anybody know who this guy is?

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Tricks With Vodka

These guys are Russians... Don't try this at home... Watch as they literally through shots of Vodka into their mouths! I get the feeling they practice this quite a bit...

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Women Ran Over By Train

This is just unbelievable, watch as this suicidal woman attempts to commit suicide on the train tracks. Apparently someone needs her on this world more than the next... unreal!!!

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Brutal Hockey Fight

Just in case you weren't ready for the big game tonight between the Red Wings and the Blackhawks, maybe this will get you in the mood... Enjoy this crazy hockey fight from the Romanian hockey league!

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The Ballad Of Die Hard

Who doesn't love John McClane? Die Hard was without a doubt one of the best action movies ever made. This music video actually does a good job putting it all together for you if you somehow have never seen Die Hard... Enjoy!

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Front Flip Onto Skateboard

I wonder how many takes it took before William Spencer nailed this mad trick? Now this takes REAL talent!

Sure that was pretty damn good right? Well check out this skateboarding trick... blows it out of the water!

Ok that one really wasn't that cool, but have a look at this Motorcross double back flip... Not too shabby eh?

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Philips Carousel Commercial

Quite possibly the best commercial ever made! Doesn't change the fact that I don't have enough money to buy one of those flat screen TVs... but maybe someday...

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Survival Of The Fittest

This next video is entitled Darwin Award for Dimwits 4... As you can imagine it involves a lot of pain, explosions and general insanity... Enjoy!

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Best Bartender In The World

Move over Tom Cruise, this guy would blow you out of the water! Watch as he wields the bottle like a master. I wonder if this bartender does private parties?

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Chameleon Changing Colors

This really is amazing, watch as this Chameleon match all of these different pairs of sunglasses to a tee! Unbelievable that nature can come up with these types of traits and man still cannot duplicate it...

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Goalies Gone Wild

You gotta love it when goalies snap and just go crazy! This is the top ten NHL goalie moments... Most of them invovling fights of course : ) The only problem I have with this video is #1... Should have been Roy Vs. Vernon...

And now for the greatest moment in recent hockey history...

Since you didn't get to see Roy's face after the fight here you go...Anybody else ready for the playoffs yet? Go Wings!

Sheep Herding Art

I don't know how exactly you come up with an idea like this one. Watch as these sheep herders attach lights to the backs of sheep and produce a fantastic light display! You gotta admit that is pretty impressive...

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Electro Man Summons Star Wars Music

Any Star Wars fan can appreciate this next video... The beginning sucks but get through that, trust me its worth it!

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Don't Throw Paperclips!

I don't know if this is real, but I would be pissed too! Don't mess with the guy on the phone...

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Mad Badminton Man Smashes Watermelon

What you are about to experience is the Beijing gold medalist in Badminton Mixed Doubles, Lee Yong Dae cracking up a watermelon with a shuttlecock... Impressive speed young one...

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Hasek Takes Out Gaborik

I remember this next video when it happened... What an unbelievable play by the madman Hasek... He always was a little nutty if you ask me... Who's ready for the playoffs?

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An Awareness Test

Pretty cool video I just ran across surfing the mass that is the Internet... I won't ruin it for you so you will just have to watch.

Did you see it the first time? I had to go back to the beginning of the video to make sure they just weren't messing with me! Do u think we need more of an investigation of 9/11?

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The Beer Dominoes

I knew this whole step had a great point! Watch as the beer bottle dominoes fall...

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The One Punch Knockout

Is it just me or does that guy look like the steroid pumping Russian boxer from Rocky? I guess either way he needed a few more roids cause he goes down like a bowl full of jelly...

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The Bionic Dolphin Watercraft

I gotta get one of these! Cruise the surface at 40 mph or dive just below the surface at speeds up to 25mph. Enjoy panoramic views above and below the water as you perform wild aquabatic tricks, like 360 degree barrel rolls or porpoising like a dolphin. The name of the company that produces these is Innespace!

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Unbelievable ECHL Double Knockout

It's only 16 seconds, but still who doesn't love the double knockout?

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The Best Midget Wrestling Video On The Net

I am sure there are some pretty crazy midget wrestling videos out there floating around, but I would wager that none of them come close to this bizarre display of wrestling skills...

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Sore Loser

One of the best videos on the Internet under 10 seconds hands down...

That had to hurt! For more crazy videos check out The 4 Handed Guitar or Jumping Over Bulls!

Goalkeeper Blunders

I never did envy the keepers in soccer... Who the hell would want that job? I mean this could happen to you for all you know! I guess everybody has there bad day in soccer, but man these goalies are REALLY bad!

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Hockey Player Bites Finger

Watch as Jakko Ruutu tries to take a bite out of Buffalo Bruins player Jason Peters! Somehow I get the feeling this was not the first time something like this happened in hockey...

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Who The Hell Is Driving This Thing?

Talk about adding insult to injury! I hope this poor lady is ok...

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Impressive Martial Arts Fight

This must have taken LOTS of practice and I am guessing a couple bumps and bruises as well to perfect this fight scene. Quite impressive and the speed of the whole fight is just amazing!

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The Best Homemade Water Slide Ever

When the parents are away the children will play that is for sure. Check out this massive homemade water slide that starts at the roof top level. This would be so fun to try out!

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Paraskiing Down A Massive Mountain

Some of you have probably played one of those snowboarding games where you are flying down a mountain at massive speeds. Sure that is quite the rush, but wouldn't you like to see what it would look like in real life and with a parasail? Sure you would, so here you go...

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The Ladder Race

Why do I get the feeling that these people waisted way too much time practicing for this one? Well, either way I guess they got some exercise out of it, just look at this guy move! Behold the once yearly Ladder Race...

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I Am Guessing This Guy Got Fired

He is lucky to escape with his life to tell you the true. He must have missed that Hi-Low safety video that they show you when you start a new job...

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