Massive Crashes

Ouch! Crazy wipe outs... this clip is mostly motor cross and crotch-rockets. These guys are insane, takes some real guts!

Watch out the music in this next one is pretty loud... but the crashes are just unbelievable!

And finally the great tire trick... hilarious!

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Some Of The Craziest Stuff You Will Ever See

Let's start this off with a little martial arts clip... Mad talent! Gotta love the variety of take downs. I don't think I would want to go up against this guy, but then again I could probably take him...

Not sure if you can call this a talent... but I thought it was pretty funny! Steve Harvey's look is priceless! If you think those are crazy just wait till the last one...

Last but certainly not least, this has to be the luckiest biker in the world... just watch!

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Unbelievable One Punch Knockout

This certainly is one of the quickest fights I have ever seen what a punch... You just have to love hockey!

One of the more entertaining Red Wings fights involving Steve Yzerman and Bob Probert... watch Probert knock the goalies mask right off and then he even manages to get it a good shot on the guy that went after Yzerman! What a legend!

And finally since there really aren't any more fights in the NHL you will just have to deal with these big hits from February 2007!

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Happy St. Patricks Day!

Don't be this guy, remember that drinking alcohol may hinder your balance just a bit...

A classic drunken clip... I am sure some of you may have seen this one, but it is worth another look!

Finally don't drink too much today or you may find yourself in the next video just like these people...

Celebrate responsibly and don't be a drunken fool or you may find yourself on this site next year!

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Unbelievable Cop Chases

This first one is a crazy chase... this guy had a real death wish and the cops commentary is great too, only on spike!

Not quite as dramatic as the first one, but this guy has some mad driving skills must have played one or two racing games in his life... the cops try the classic move, but to no avail!

And because everyone loves a good drunken idiot... well here you go!

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Unbelievable Bow And Arrow Trick

Wow this certainly takes a lot of talent and some major flexibility. Imagine how long it took perfecting this trick...

Some of you may have seen this goal already, but this angle really captures the beauty of this shot!

And finally watch as these people experience the dangers of global warming with their own eyes... Amazing footage!

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Crazy Footage Of Disappearing Acts

Watch as Criss Angel makes this women vanish before everyone's eyes... pretty amazing camera tricks if that is what they are!

Crazy stunt I would have liked to seen it with my own eyes to believe it, but still a fantastic illusion involving a 4 ton elephant!

This one I thought was the best... I have no idea how he managed this!

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The Most Unbelievable Basketball Shot Of All Time!

This has to be the best basketball shot ever... You be the judge!

If you liked that shot I am sure you will enjoy these top 10 plays...

And finally a bit of old school basketball set to some strange quirky music, still some pretty amazing plays!

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Amazing Skydiver Jumps Out Of Plane And Into Another

Watch as this skydiver jumps out of a plane and then catches up to another falling plane and gets in... Just Plain Amazing!

Not quite as exciting, but this girl is fast as hell...

And finally just because it is hilarious... watch this unbelievable soccer move!

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Train Vs. Truck

Not much of a battle here, I think you might be able to figure out who wins...

I am not sure how exactly you go about practicing for something like this, but you have to admit it takes some sort of talent...

And finally a bowling clip that is actually entertaining!

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