The Most Unlucky Skydiver In The World?

Just watch as this near disaster unfolds, talk about a bad day... if you think that is lucky check out this next guy.

What a maniac... what the hell is this guy thinking!

How can people just walk away from crashes like this, simply amazing... I think I would consider a career change after surviving that.

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Anonymous said...

The first guy is a complete idiot, he pulled the cutaway, NOT HIS CHUTE. The instructor pulled his chute FOR him so his reserve would properly deploy.

Can you see the RED HANDLE when he tries to pull his chute? That is the cutaway - HE PULLED IT.

This narrowly avoided natural selection, the human race is weaker for it.

Anonymous said...

What an plonker!

Brandon said...

What i want to know is how the hell that corvette was doing 160 something and the cops were right on his tail. Do those cars really go that fast or was someone embellishing a little bit.

Dave said...

I feel compelled to add to the comment about the "unluckiest skydiver in the world" video.

As the first commenter pointed out, the putz pulled his reserve handle and not the pilot shoot. A fact that I am sure would have been pointed out to him if he had ever returned to that dropzone. My guess is, that he will never return out of embarrassment.

Second, AFF programs don't just put new skydivers in planes and jump them. They are trained for hours before the jump. They also have a radio attached so that they can hear instructions from the ground when landing. I suppose it's possible that he was too far away for the radio, but it's not like the parachute goes where it wants to. The jumper has full control over the shoot and is capable of flying it to a safe landing zone with ease.

I would say the video needs to be renamed to "The stupidest skydiver in the world".

Anonymous said...

Guys, did you not notice that the INSTRUCTOR put the guy's hand on the red handle, and then pull his hand for him?!
So either it's the instructor's fault, or you don't know what you are talking about!

Dave said...

If you, the last anonymous commenter, look very closely, you would see that the instructor is trying to get the student to bring his had "all" the way down to the pilot shoot ball. The student is not having that at all. You will notice that the instructor get's pulled into the student so closely that his head is actually over the parachute rig on the students back as he does everything he can to push the students hand past the cutaway handle.

If you, Mr. Anonymous commenter, had ever jumped before, you would know that there isn't a whole lot of solid matter to get leverage to bring the guys hand all the way down. It's also impossible to talk to anyone during freefall. So it's not possible to tell the other instructor that the student pulled the cutaway handle so be prepared to help pull the reserve chute handle after the main chute goes away.

I suspect that you yourself, Mr. Anonymous, either have never jumped before, or have done what millions of others have done and made one or two jumps.

I know very much what I am talking about, I used to skydive for entertainment for quite some time. I stopped for several reasons, several years ago. I was training to become an instructor during my skydiving time. That said, there was no fault of the instructor. He did all he could.

Once the student was on his own, he had one handle to pull, the reserve chute handle. It's possible that the delay for the reserve to be opened was due to him trying to find the cutaway handle that he had pulled earlier. It's clear he found the reserve chute handle and pulled it. At that point, the ground would have been able to talk to him about flying the reserve chute to the ground. Now, it's possible that the radio wasn't working. Our dropzone had several occasions that the radio didn't work correctly, either due to distance or something happening to it during the fall. If this were the case, the student had been instructed on how to fly the chute without instruction. He's taught not to fly into tree's and powerlines. The video doesn't show that the student has, depending on when he managed to open his reserve chute, up to 4 minutes to fly the opened reserve chute to a safe landing.

AFF jumps start the process of opening the students parachute at 5,000ft. Given freefall speed and how long it took for the student to open his reserve chute, I would estimate a guess that he opened at 3,500ft. So he had about 3 1/2 minutes to fly the parachute to the ground. It takes about 1 minute to drop 1,000ft. under parachute. It takes about 10 seconds to fall 1,000ft. in freefall.

The show MaxX is just one of many media outlets that really burns me when reporting skydiving accidents. They sensationalize the stories and never do any research when reporting their stories.

Zagurim said...

Dave, I agree with you 100% that skydiving student was a complete ASS HAT, he pulled the wrong handle plain and simple. He panicked and screwed up. There is nobody to blame for it but himself.

As for his sanopy piloting skills. I can only laugh. Even at that altitude on student gear he could have made a slight adjustment to his direction and landed safely. The guy was a complete Idiot. I am happy that he is never going to jump again.

My girlfriend is preparing to do her first jump and when she watched this video, even she went "WTF!?? He pulled the cutaway pad? What a dumbass"

Tommy said...

Fuck - somebody should shoot that mr Lutz.

BS for skydivers, BD for mr Lutz.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. anonymous (about skydiver). The instructor clearly puts students hand on cut-away and even looks to help student pull cut-away. Let's not forget that USPA advises all AFF student equipment to have RSL....this alleged student did not have RSL attached. If RSL is connected properly, then reserve would have been deployed "automatically". This did not happen. This is obviously staged...except for the landing near power lines...that is from some other video.

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