Unbelievable Explosions!

Very big gas explosion amazing video footage!

Watch as a nuclear bomb is tested underground... probably not the best idea!

I don't care much for the announcer in this next clip, but still this is one big explosion! Unbelievable fire ball!

Still need more? Check out this anti-tank video, or this video showing a bullet going thru various objects.



Anonymous said...

What?? You don't care much about the announcer?
Come on, this is Sheriff Bunnell!


acne said...

Wow good compilation, i was laughing so much at the first one... where things just keep on getting worse.

Anonymous said...

No explosion list would be complete without the PEPCON explosion (perhaps the largest conventional explosion):


Anonymous said...

Um, the only way that nuclear devices are commonly tested anymore is underground. Above-ground, or "atmospheric", testing is specifically banned because today's large devices would scatter an insane amount of radioactive matter if tested above-ground.

Also, where'd this video (#2) come from? Looks more like an earthquake than a standard underground nuclear test.

1Green Thumb said...

Thanks for the link to that youtube video that was a pretty amazing video I have seen that one before but WOW!

Anonymous said...

What is so great about stuff blowing up and burning? You are a sicko!

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