Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong With Nunchuck

I gotta say that is pretty impressive, then again what have you seen by Bruce Lee that isn't? I bet I could take him at Ping Pong though...

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The Disappearing Sea Plant

The wonders of nature never cease to amaze. Watch as this sea plant at the bottom of the ocean disappears right before your eyes! Now that is some pretty good defense against getting eaten!

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Levitating Water Illusion

This is pretty cool, watch as the water appears to be going up and down... In reality there are a series of strobe lights that make the illusion work. I need one of these!

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Cruise Ship Nightmare

Ok first up the beginning of this video is very slow, you might as well skip to about 1:28 that is when the ship starts hitting the fan! They end is just unbelievable I would have liked to have seen the view from the outside of the cruise ship, those waves must have been unbelievable!

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Extreme Sports Bloopers

My personal favorite has to be the midget wrestling face slide... You'll know it when you see it! Which one did you like best?

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Extreme Kayaking

You would have to be crazy to try something like this! Watch as these Kamikaze kayakers in reach speeds of 45mph at the Mid Wales reservoir!

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Fastest Drinker In The World

This guy must have won a bunch of bets in college for all those drinking games. Watch as he downs this water in under 5 seconds! Impressive...

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The Next Ronaldo

At just 6 years old this kid has moves that would fool a lot of pros out there in the soccer/football world. He just needs to get a little more size to him and he will be unstoppable... Just check out these moves!

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Another Semi Driver Losses His Job

Semi vs. Train which one do you think will win... Not much of a contest really, but still pretty entertaining to watch!

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Top Ten NHL Goalie Mistakes

Let me just say that it isn't easy being a goalie... Poor guys really screwed up on these days!

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