And This Is The Story About How I Broke My Back For The 7th Time!

This madman tries to jump the St Lawrence river... Not a good move dude, even with your sweet car!

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Tony Vs. Paul Stop Motion

One of the coolest stop motion fights I have ever seen!!! Then again though... I can't say I have seen too many : ) Still pretty sweet...

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Michael Jackson's Hair On Fire

This video has been swirling around the Internet since Michael's sudden death. Crazy footage of him doing a Pepsi commercial when his hair gets set on fire. Lucky for him he pulls one of his crazy moves and the fire goes out...

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Karma Is A Bitch

I guess that is what you get when you mess with hockey karma... The Hockey gods were not please with this fan, it's never good when you take a stick in the eye!

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Real Zombies

What you about to see will shock you, will scare you... but is it really real? You be the judge, are those really blood thirsty Zombies? Can someone please translate...

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The Best Indoor Soccer Goal Ever

Of course this unbelievable move it comes from the Brazilian soccer team! Watch as he totally makes the keeper look the fool... Anybody know who this guy is?

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Tricks With Vodka

These guys are Russians... Don't try this at home... Watch as they literally through shots of Vodka into their mouths! I get the feeling they practice this quite a bit...

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