The Double Knockout

This is something that you don't see everyday. Shaun Parker and Tyler Bryan are fighting at LFC 25 on May 16th, it doesn't take long...

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Next up is a skateboarding trick that I would never try... Imagine if this would have went wrong... Ouch!

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Very Funny Sports Bloopers

My personal favorite has to be the wrestling one... Poor rednecks are going to be so pissed when they see this : ) The first one is hilarious too... which is your fav?

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The 197 Foot Short Handed Goal

When I was first watching this I though for sure it would be an empty netter from the goalie or something... Boy was I wrong!

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That was the luckiest shot I have seen since the Lindstrom goal this playoffs! Rob Davison had something on his side when he let that one go!

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