Sneeky Animals

I have to admit these animals are pretty slick... The music fits right in too!

Now for something completely different, I have been watching a lot of Ninja Warrior lately and these Japanese game shows are actually quite entertaining considered I don't even know what they are saying!

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Big Hits From Rugby And Hockey

You know we love big hit here at Nothing But Videos... check out these rugby hits, just savage and you think "American Football" is rough, these guys are hardly wearing any padding!

In honor of the NHL playoffs here is some crazy hockey footage...

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Amazing Tricks Caught On Tape

This one shows some of the crazy spins and action that skilled players can accomplish in billards... The slow motion is a great way to see what exactly is going on that make the billard balls react the way they do. It also show a heat sensor to show the friction on the table!

The next fellow has quite the talent and ironically enough his case looks a lot like a pool rack... odd!

Finally for all you wondering how to implement smoking into your magic act... well here you go! I must admit this guy actually does have talent... I wonder what he is doing now?

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