The Great Octopus Escape

Very cool footage of an octopus managing to squeeze thru a tiny 1" hole, very amazing!

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Weightlifting Accident (don't be this guy)

This guy is very lucky... it looks like it could have been a lot worse, I bet he really got his bell rung though!

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Bloopers From All Over

Live News = Serious Problems
The guy that wipes out on the ice is my personal favorite. You can find more funny videos at The World's Funniest Video.

Don't Mess With Detroit

The real NBA brawl... Pistons VS Pacers!

Too Much Time On Your Hands?

This amazing Christmas display was put together quite well... I know there was a similar video last year, but it it still impressive.

Sports Mishaps

Bloopers everything from basketball to football... Set to a song which I do not know.

Shocking Crash Videos

Compilation of brutal crash videos... In one word OUCH!

Early Jim Carrey Stand-Up

This is a very funny clip from Mr. Jim Carrey. It was from the anniversary of the Comedy Store. Sorry there weren't any hecklers in the audience that night...

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