The Ultimate Collection Of Animals

Apes, Lions, Cats, Geese, Dogs, Birds, Ostridges you name it... I am sure you have probably seen some of these clips before, but it is worth a look!

For even more that a look at the amazing escaping octopus or the slow motion shark attack.


The Most Unlucky Skydiver In The World?

Just watch as this near disaster unfolds, talk about a bad day... if you think that is lucky check out this next guy.

What a maniac... what the hell is this guy thinking!

How can people just walk away from crashes like this, simply amazing... I think I would consider a career change after surviving that.

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Are These Just Unbelievable Camera Tricks?

Watch out some of these videos are a bit graphic.

I have no idea how this trick was done... messed up!

This one I could almost see being humanly possible.

This trick I have no clue, crazy video, I guess it must be some sort of camera tricks or something, pretty amazing stuff.

For even more you can check out this guy walking on water... or just search for Chris Angel


Amazing What You Can Do With A Stick And Some Balls

This guy has way too much time on his hands... this pool trick must have taken an eternity to setup!

Wow, that is a lot of trick shots... endless possibilities in the game of pool. This video is about 9 minutes long.

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Top 50 Football/Soccer Goals Of All Time

What can I say, whether you call it football or soccer, this video is truly amazing! Kudos to whomever made it, very nice job. Which one is your favorite?

If you still need more after that you really have a problem... but I can help, check out these soccer/football bloopers or these "American" football plays!


Amazing Man Sends Items Through Solid Glass

You just have to get past the beginning, but this video is truly amazing... the part with the salt shaker blew my mind! If someone wants to translate, feel free.

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The Most Unbelievable Football Plays

This football player has certainly got some ups... I wonder if he left a cleat mark on that guys back?

This has to be the one of the best catches of all time... I can safely say I have never seen anything like it!

Enjoy these top clips from 2006 college football.

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"It Was Like A Beer Can Getting Hit By A Guerrilla"

There is a darn good chance this truck driver lost his driving license after this move...

This video might as well be called "The most painful crashes ever!"

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Surfer Almost Gets Head Chopped Off

Crazy video with these guy decided it is a good idea to surfer near a large rock formation... probably not the best idea.

Here is a little more footage of what it is like to ride the monster waves!

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Insane Rock Climber Defies Death

I don't know what this guy is on, but he must be crazy... He uses no safety devices at all and seems to fly right up the side of the cliff!

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Beats The Heck Out Of Fishing

This video is truly amazing watch as hundreds of fish bombard this fishing boat...

Here is the full version these guys are crazy!

If you think that was amazing check out this stunning photography...


Man Shoots Electricity Out Of His Hands

Watch as this guy sets paper on fire with his bare hands and don't be an idiot and try this yourself...

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Insane Base Jumps

These guys have some real steel kahonies... It takes a lot of guts to even climb to some of those heights let alone base jump off them!

After watching that video you probably look like this lady...

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Soccer... Or Is It Football?

Some of the funniest, amazing and down right crazy soccer plays ever....

More soccer/football bloopers set to some groovy music!

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Bench Clearing Hockey Fights

This video is simply amazing, it is from the 1987 World Juniors Championship between Russia and Canada. Both of the benches end up being cleared and anarchy is let loose... enjoy this old time hockey, because you certainly aren't going to see anything like this in today's "new NHL"!

This next one I would suggest watching with the volume muted, but I guess that is your choice. I am not much of a limp bisket fan...

For more crazy brawls check out this fight!


The Greatest Football Hits

Some of the best and most vicious hits from the NFL are included in this video which is set to "American idiot" by Green Day. Some of these hits are just plain unbelievable!

This massive shots are from all from college football!

This last video has hits from both football and just a little hockey at the end too...

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The Best Yo-Yo Tricksters Ever

The best of the best in the Yo-Yo world, these people are real good, I though walking the dog was tough...

This guy is truly amazing I can't believe this goes on for like 3 minutes... I bet he won 1st prize!

If you would like more amazing videos check out these unbelievable explosions.


Amazing Lightning Storms

Don't worry I am not trying to send you subliminal messages in this clip I just thought the lightning pictures were sweet!

This clip is a lightning bolt striking a car... luckly they give it to you in slow motion as well.

This one was taken in the Netherlands, I can't tell what they are saying, but you gotta love the slow motion replay.

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A Lifeguard's Bathroom

Jamie Kennedy plays a lifeguard with a bit of a bladder problem...

Bob Saget and Jamie Kennedy's night out on the town. Watch out there is a bit of profanity!

For more funniest videos check out the spilt personality dog!


Man Walks On Water

I don't know this clip seems like is has to be fake, but they did do a pretty good job with it. The women swimming underneath is a nice touch.

Mother natures shows us how it actually can be done in the video. Watch as this little guy walks on water with no problem!

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The Split Personallity Dog

I just couldn't stop laughing this was by far one of the better animal clips I have ever seen. Watch as the dog fiercely defends it's bone from it's own paw.

Why doesn't it surprise me that these are two women drivers? Pretty funny what two stubborn people can accomplish...

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Unbelievable Explosions!

Very big gas explosion amazing video footage!

Watch as a nuclear bomb is tested underground... probably not the best idea!

I don't care much for the announcer in this next clip, but still this is one big explosion! Unbelievable fire ball!

Still need more? Check out this anti-tank video, or this video showing a bullet going thru various objects.


The Best Basketball Shots Ever

These guys make some of the most unbelievable shots I have ever seen... I bet it took a long time to make this video up!

This video shows the world famous Harlem Globetrotters in action, boy these guys are good!

Still want more check out this not so miraculous basketball shot.

Ever Wonder What It Is Like To Fly An F-18?

This video is truely amazing, it takes you all for the ride from take-off to landing on a giant aircraft carrier.

This next video shows Russian jets in action...

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Family Feud's Worst Answer Ever

Richard Dawsen just can't contain himself after this lady's hilarious answer to one of the final questions in the last round.

This family will never live this down...

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Very Horny Guy

This guy is pretty amazing... too bad it is in French! He still has quite a bit of talent! Imagine practicing for that everyday....

Want more amazing people, check out this clip!

The Best Fight You Will Ever See

Don Frye VS Takayama

Slug fest at it's best... I don't normally watch the pride fighting but this fight is jaw dropping! These two go at it like their lives depended on it, I give full props to both of them.

Crazy how much that guy looks so much like Tom Selek...

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The Miraculous Basketball Shot?

This is really not were I saw this video going... Good for a chuckle!

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