Water Heater Explosion

This is from the show Mythbusters, watch as they crank up the pressure in a water heater till it can't take anymore. Pretty serious explosion...

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One Of The Greatest Football Catches You Will Ever See

Watch and wonder how Edwin Baptiste from Morgan State made this unbelievable catch...

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Get Ready For The NHL Season

I am not too sure what starts this first fight from over in Russia... Mahaps you know...

This next one is a classic Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers, apparently one of the fans grabs a Boston players stick. That is a no-no...

Here is yet another classic... funny that Chelios is still playing and invovled in this old clip from 1984, but what can I say, he is the Ironman! This is the Canadiens vs. the Qu├ębec Nordiques.

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Jumping Over Bulls

That right you read that correctly what you are about to see should never be attempted up any circumstances. Watch as these crazy guys jump right over a rushing bull! Now this is a little too close for comfort if you ask me...

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Amazing Street Performers

First up is a gentleman from Montreal. The beginning is nothing too spectacular, but once he gets going it's pretty impressive. Have a look...

This next clip is a video of a guy jumping over 10 people! Now that was cool, but I wish they would have replayed it in slow motion...

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One Less SUV To Worry About

But, but, but I saw this is a car commercial, you mean SUVs aren't invincible and can't climb mountains? Some people just get what they deserve, this is one of them...

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Geraldo Gets Taken Out By Hurricane Ike

I guess this is for all those years of horrible journalism... Poor Geraldo gets blasted by the incoming waves from Hurricane Ike in Galveston Texas.

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Super Slam Into Sign

If you like really bad, painful bike wipe outs then you will love this video. Man that certainly looks like it hurt!!!

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Government Coverup Of UFO On CNN?

Can anyone tell me exactly when this was aired? The US was apparently testing a missile of some sort when a UFO came right up to it. Have a look and tell me what you think...

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Worst Waitress In The World

You have to wonder if this lady had a few drinks on the job... Poor girl, I hope she is ok, but I have a feeling she got fired over this one!

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