I Bet You Can't Do This

Wow is this lady ever talented and unbelievable flexible... Quite the performance to say the least!

If you think that was crazy check out this sidecar crash... I think something like that would make me reconsider my career choice!

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The Worst Cable TV Show In The World

Hilarious... watch as this guy tries to pull a little stunt, surprise!

One of the most unlucky bull fighters in the world... probably a good idea to retire after a day like this! Gotta love Max X!

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Samuel Jackson The Hockey Coach

Hilarious skit with Chris Chelios from the Detroit Red Wings and Samuel L. Jackson... he is certainly quite the motivator! Watch out this video does have just a bit of profanity...

Here is a short compilation of sports bloopers... some of these really look painful, especially the skating accident, ouch!

And finally for no reason other than the fact that this is just hilarious... Samuel Jackson beer...

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How To Live Your Life Without Any Arms

This lady just goes to show you that anything can be accomplished with a little hard work... I am sure you never really realize how useful your feet can be! Watch the videos it is truely heart-warming to see someone prevail against all odds...

Here is a similar story... all you people feeling sorry for yourself should try and put yourself in these people's shoes. It might give you a different perspective on how hard your life really is.

For more amazing people check out this strange professional or this guy sending items through solid glass!


Just Plain Amazing - Professional Regurgetator

Watch as this guy swallows light bulbs, fish, and even a billiard ball and then brings them back out of his stomach with ease... Wonder how the hell you would even learn this. O yeah, by the way I wouldn't try this at home! For more info just search for Stevie Starr...

If you think that is unbelievable just watch the next clip... this guy must have had someone or something looking over him that day!

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Unbelievable Bird Sounds Like Chain Saw, Camera, Car Alarm!

This lyrebird has an amazing ability... watch as he puts on a show to attract a mate. Just goes to show you that there are some males that really do go out of thier way to please their female counterparts...

If you think that was crazy, check out what this next bird can do!

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Why Are People So Stupid?

This should have been in the last post on this page, "Stupid People Doing Stupid Things." Watch out there is some bad language in this video, so if need be cover your ears... and of course don't try this yourself!

Just in case you need a little more check out this video...


Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

I wonder how many of these next clips involve alcohol? Take a guess...

This next guy is a real moron... very lucky to just "walk away"

Finally you can really feel the pain in some of these clips set to Beck - "Loser"... very good choice I must say!

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