Why Chris Simon Should Be Kicked Out Of The NHL

First let me show you a play from a little while ago... Unbelievably uncalled for, he should have been kicked out of the NHL for this one. Ryan Hollweg did end up being ok, but imagine if he didn't... thing would have be much different.

This last play got Chris Simon a 30 game suspension... The longest in NHL regular season history. My only question is why didn't they just kick him out for good? He is obviously a repeat offender, that only seems to get worse.

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Bobcat Vs. Snake

This is quite the battle courtesy of Max X! In one corner the massive bobcat, in the other a deadly rattle snake. You might be surprised who comes out on top in this battle and man does that bobcat have some mad ups!

Next up is Eagle Vs. Goat... not much of a fight here, but still pretty darn amazing to watch!

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Top Five Funny Soccer Goals!

I remember growing up and one of my english soccer coaches would always say "unlucky"... I now know the true meaning of the statement after watching this soccer clip...

The poor, poor keepers is all I can say...

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Unbelievable Hockey Brawls!

Who ever made this video must really like Ty Domi... can't say I blame em, he was one hell of a fighter! You play you pay!

I gotta say, a fair fight is a fair fight, but some of the sucker punches in this next video are just uncalled for! If you don't have the guts to face someone head on then you are just a coward... That being said this video does have some amazing knockouts...

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Man Pulls Helicopter With His Ears!

Some people will do some pretty crazy things to get into the Guinness Book Of World Records, but this is just too much! You can feel Lasha Pataraia's pain just by watching...

If you think that is crazy look what these people designed... Quite impressive robotics!

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The Craziest Field Goal You Will Ever See

This field goal by the Cleavland Browns kicker Phil Dawson was from 51 yards out. This play just happened this past weekend... Just plain amazing!

Kickers don't win all the time though, check out this next play which is official the longest play in the NFL. This amazing runback by Antonio Cromartie went for 109 yards!

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Top 50 Outrageous Moments In Sports!

This is the entire show that aired a while back on The Best Damn Sports Show Period. Some of these are just hilarious, others disturbing and some just plain painful... I am sure you will enjoy the mix!

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Bad News Bulls

This next video is pure bull riding... these guys have either got a ton of courage or not a lot going on upstairs, just maniacs!

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Hockey's Back!

Thank god! I was a long of season, but as the leaves begin to turn all the hockey fans rejoice. For all of you that aren't hockey fans here is what you are missing...

For those of you a little more experienced with the sport of hockey you may remeber these moments frozen in time...

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The Biggest Hail In The World!

Well I am not quite sure if that is true, but this is some monster hail! I have certainly never seen anything close to this size! Simply amazing footage, just watch...

Now for the lightning show! These are some beautiful shots that were all taken on one night in California... must have been a trip to watch this in person!

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The World's Best Sports Bloopers!

Not too fond of the song in this first clip but the bloopers are priceless. The guy at the end is simply amazing to, anyone who hacks would certainly appreciate that!

Next up is the top 50 bloopers of all time... #1 is just plain painful! The only let down in this clip is the lame announcers : )

Finally here is a clip full of skiing accidents and other massive whipeouts... This one is actually set to some decent music, all be it classical, but it still kicks...

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Top Ten Surprising Moments In Sports

I think my favorite has to be number 7 on the list... that is just pure will! The rest are pretty impressive as well especially number one of course, but what can I say I am a die-hard hockey fan!

What you are about to see is the top ten birds moments in sports. If you are a bird lover you might just want to fast forward through number 3... it's not pretty!

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Michigan Upset By Appalachian State

Wow that was the most amazing ending to a game I have ever seen! I live here in Michigan, but I am a die-hard Michigan State fan... and to me it doesn't get much better than this!

As a MSU fan you just have to love when you hear this... This is the actual reaction at MSU stadium that day when the score was announced!

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Stupid Criminals!

This video is straight from Japan. What you are about to see is actually surveillance from an elevator cam. Pretty amazing footage!

Ah the things crack-head will do... never ceases to surprise me what they will do next! This poor guy has some real problems...

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The Best Dunk Ever!

Could this be the best dunk ever? It is quite the unbelievable move but hey, prove me wrong and show me one you think is better...

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An Amazing Rocket Explosion!

I guess there wouldn't be very many rocket explosions that aren't amazing, but hey this one really is the craziest one I have ever seen. A (luckily) unmanned rocket was carrying a 45 million dollar piece of equipment when something goes terribly wrong...

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The Weirdest Bowling Style I Have Ever Seen!

You gotta see this to believe it...

So what do you think should he be allowed to bowl this way? I really have no problem with it, I mean why not!

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The Best Hits From The AFL

So I guess the only question is are American's just wimps or are they smart for wearing pads while playing American Football.... You be the judge as you watch some of the most brutal hits I have ever seen courtesey of the Australian Football Leage!

And now the American version... Which do you think takes a bigger pair of balls to play?

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Joe Lewis One Of The Best...

This video shows some of the finest knockouts from Joe Lewis's career. Good stuff and you gotta love the Joe Lewis Arena too!

Sure that was pretty crazy but wait till you see this Nascar crash... man this is pretty unbelievable that anyone could walk away from this!

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The 100th Post Here At Nothing But Videos!

Amazing that is has already been 100 posts... just boggles the mind! Well what better way to celebrate then to watch a good wipeout video. Enjoy!

Here is a look back on some of the finer moments over the past 100 posts...

Man Shoots Electricity Out Of His Hands
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Thanks Goes Out To All The Visitors... Comments And Suggestions Are Welcome!

What Will They Come Up With Next?

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a crazy idea like this... human Tetris! I must say though they could have done a little better on the material!

This next one is one of the greatest blunders in rugby history, from the European Cup Finals! Suck to be this guy...

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Man Jumps Car 171 Feet!

From the show Stunt Junkies on the Discovery Channel, Ken Block has really got some ups! Not sure if this was the world record since, but still...

Sure the guy above was pretty impressive, but not everyone can be winners. Case in point...

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Crazy Soccer Skills

This is some very impressive dribbling skills... So I forgot was it soccer or football?

This next clip really looks like fun! I would love to try it out someday... what do you say?

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Javelin Accident In Rome

This just happened the other day in Rome. I think the guy throwing missed the mark by just a bit... I am going guess this is going to leave a mark! I think next time he might be watching during the javelin event.

Tough to say which one would hurt more... you be the judge and leave your opinion in the comments.

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Micheal Jordan's Greatest Moments

Before there was Lebron James and Kobe Bryant there was #23! The best basketball player ever in my eyes... Here are some of his best moves, enjoy!

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Some Of The Finer Moment In The NHL

I don't know about you but I am already going through withdrawal symptoms now that the Stanley cup finals are over. Well, here is a little compilation that might tide you over for at least a day or two...

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Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Jump Over A 7'2" Person?

Yeah me neither, but this is pretty amazing!!!! USA! USA!! USA!!!

Happy 4th!

An what could be more American the football? Maybe apple pie, but that is about it... watch as Mr Emmitt Smith gets laid out!

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Skydiving Accidents Caught On Tape

This is brutal footage of a base jumping experience gone very wrong. It is good to see that she came out of this alright. Might even make you think twice about your hobby of base jumping...

Not many people get a second chance like this... I hope they don't waste it!

More? If you think those people are unlucky check out these poor fellas or this skydiver that jumps out of one plane and into another thousand of feet below!

One Of The Worst Crashes You Will Ever See

Absolutely brutal! Watch as the drive looses control and veers over into the other driver's lane. What happens next is almost too much to watch...

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It Takes A Cool Head To Be A Keeper

I am sure all of the keepers in this clip with the video camera was never invented... lucky for us it was and there is youtube! This is why I never wanted to be a goalie!

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Some Of The Best Driving Skills I Have Ever Seen

Slick... very slick! I gotta imagine this comes from a movie or something because it looks planned out to some degree. Either way this is pretty impressive stuff!

I can tell you that the criminals don't win them all and this proves that point quite harshly...Ouch!

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The Amazing Stamp Lady

I guess over in Japan they pick there carears early on in life. I imagine this lady has been practicing for this moment all of her life...

Since were going with the crazy foreigners theme here check out these soccer/football announcers. I can't believe they put these guys right next to each other!

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The Luckiest Boater On The Planet

This guy has someone upstairs on his side... this is truly an amazing video! I would love to here what this guy has to say after watching this video.

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Only In Vegas...

I got one for this guy... get a real job! Maybe he should get into pole dancing?

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Stunts Gone Very Wrong

O man that's gotta hurt! I have seen some of these before but it is still worth the view... I bet this will make you think twice the next time you go for one of those flaming drinks!

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Nice Leg Kick!

Ouch this guy probably woke up with one hell of a headache! Looks like he got hit twice in one kick, but I really think the first one is the one that knocked him out cold. Lucky he did cause that guy looked pretty big...

Excellent Leg Kick - Click here for another funny movie.

This is probably what was going through that big guys head just after the blow...

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Funny Backflips

You know I guess it does take a lot of practice to perform a proper backflip... as you can see it is not as easy as some people make it look! Some of these attempted backflips really look like they hurt A LOT!

For more ouchies check out this brutal knockout or for something different watch this guy jump out of a plane and into another 100' of feet away!

Things That Make You Go Hmm!

A crazy slide show of pictures taken at exactly the right time... Amazing stuff! Set to the song Vertigo by U2. Not to crazy about the song but the pics are something to behold... enjoy!

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By Popular Demand Another Brutal Knockout

What a move... I won't spoil it for you just watch and enjoy this knockout by Jonathan Gougeon in Quebec at the Club Taekwondo Laval! He was out cold...

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Mongoose Vs. Cobra

Ah the battles never stop in the real world... This is some amazing footage of a Mongoose making quick work of a poor not so defenseless cobra! Pretty crazy to see something willing to take on a this dangerous creature, I guess it has nothing to lose...

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Extreme Unicycling... Yes Unicycling!

These guys are good! It would be hard enough to do most of these tricks on a regular bicycle.... Very impressive!!!

More? Check this insane cable TV show out or watch as this guy almost gets his head cut off!

Unbelievable Knockouts From Mixed Martial Arts

Pride fighting, UFC and some other knockouts your gonna love it! Some of the best fighters from around the world of mixed martial arts are included. Trust me this is a great compilation...

For more from Nothing But Videos check out this one punch knockout or for something a little different find out why this was ever said, "It Was Like A Beer Can Getting Hit By A Guerrilla"

This Guy Might Be A Redneck

I can't help but post this one... hilarious! I won't ruin it for you just watch!

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Amazing Physics

If anyone would like to explain... please do, because I can't exactly figure out what is going on in this video. Is it just camera tricks or something else?

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A Couple Amazing Moments In Sports

Why this game had so many balls to the face I have no idea, but it really makes for a interesting video...

Again in honor of the NHL playoffs check out this great goal! Quite the move that he pulls... I don't know about you, but I am picking The Red Wings to take home Lord Stanley this year!

And last one is an amazing clip from a rodeo, don't want to give away what happens, but the horses reaction was pretty crazy! Good to know that they all walked away from it without any major injuries...

Sneeky Animals

I have to admit these animals are pretty slick... The music fits right in too!

Now for something completely different, I have been watching a lot of Ninja Warrior lately and these Japanese game shows are actually quite entertaining considered I don't even know what they are saying!

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Big Hits From Rugby And Hockey

You know we love big hit here at Nothing But Videos... check out these rugby hits, just savage and you think "American Football" is rough, these guys are hardly wearing any padding!

In honor of the NHL playoffs here is some crazy hockey footage...

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Amazing Tricks Caught On Tape

This one shows some of the crazy spins and action that skilled players can accomplish in billards... The slow motion is a great way to see what exactly is going on that make the billard balls react the way they do. It also show a heat sensor to show the friction on the table!

The next fellow has quite the talent and ironically enough his case looks a lot like a pool rack... odd!

Finally for all you wondering how to implement smoking into your magic act... well here you go! I must admit this guy actually does have talent... I wonder what he is doing now?

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Massive Crashes

Ouch! Crazy wipe outs... this clip is mostly motor cross and crotch-rockets. These guys are insane, takes some real guts!

Watch out the music in this next one is pretty loud... but the crashes are just unbelievable!

And finally the great tire trick... hilarious!

If you are still itching for more check out some of the craziest stuff you will ever see or the bow and arrow trick!

Some Of The Craziest Stuff You Will Ever See

Let's start this off with a little martial arts clip... Mad talent! Gotta love the variety of take downs. I don't think I would want to go up against this guy, but then again I could probably take him...

Not sure if you can call this a talent... but I thought it was pretty funny! Steve Harvey's look is priceless! If you think those are crazy just wait till the last one...

Last but certainly not least, this has to be the luckiest biker in the world... just watch!

For even more craziest check out this unbelievable one punch knockout or these shocking crashes!


Unbelievable One Punch Knockout

This certainly is one of the quickest fights I have ever seen what a punch... You just have to love hockey!

One of the more entertaining Red Wings fights involving Steve Yzerman and Bob Probert... watch Probert knock the goalies mask right off and then he even manages to get it a good shot on the guy that went after Yzerman! What a legend!

And finally since there really aren't any more fights in the NHL you will just have to deal with these big hits from February 2007!

For more hockey fights check out this post or you can celebrate St. Patrick's Day a little late!


Happy St. Patricks Day!

Don't be this guy, remember that drinking alcohol may hinder your balance just a bit...

A classic drunken clip... I am sure some of you may have seen this one, but it is worth another look!

Finally don't drink too much today or you may find yourself in the next video just like these people...

Celebrate responsibly and don't be a drunken fool or you may find yourself on this site next year!

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Unbelievable Cop Chases

This first one is a crazy chase... this guy had a real death wish and the cops commentary is great too, only on spike!

Not quite as dramatic as the first one, but this guy has some mad driving skills must have played one or two racing games in his life... the cops try the classic move, but to no avail!

And because everyone loves a good drunken idiot... well here you go!

For more insanity check out this bow and arrow trick or some of the best hockey brawls!


Unbelievable Bow And Arrow Trick

Wow this certainly takes a lot of talent and some major flexibility. Imagine how long it took perfecting this trick...

Some of you may have seen this goal already, but this angle really captures the beauty of this shot!

And finally watch as these people experience the dangers of global warming with their own eyes... Amazing footage!

For more extreme craziness check out this crazy skydiver or these crazy pool tricks!


Crazy Footage Of Disappearing Acts

Watch as Criss Angel makes this women vanish before everyone's eyes... pretty amazing camera tricks if that is what they are!

Crazy stunt I would have liked to seen it with my own eyes to believe it, but still a fantastic illusion involving a 4 ton elephant!

This one I thought was the best... I have no idea how he managed this!

For more tricks from Criss check out this post or this real-life magician if that's what you want to call it...


The Most Unbelievable Basketball Shot Of All Time!

This has to be the best basketball shot ever... You be the judge!

If you liked that shot I am sure you will enjoy these top 10 plays...

And finally a bit of old school basketball set to some strange quirky music, still some pretty amazing plays!

If you are looking for more unbelievable plays check out these sweet shots or how about Samuel Jackson the coach!


Amazing Skydiver Jumps Out Of Plane And Into Another

Watch as this skydiver jumps out of a plane and then catches up to another falling plane and gets in... Just Plain Amazing!

Not quite as exciting, but this girl is fast as hell...

And finally just because it is hilarious... watch this unbelievable soccer move!

If you just can't get enough check out the most unlucky skydiver in the world or these unbelievable pool tricks!


Train Vs. Truck

Not much of a battle here, I think you might be able to figure out who wins...

I am not sure how exactly you go about practicing for something like this, but you have to admit it takes some sort of talent...

And finally a bowling clip that is actually entertaining!

If you are still thirsty for more you can listen to the chainsaw bird or find out who said "It Was Like A Beer Can Getting Hit By A Guerrilla!"


I Bet You Can't Do This

Wow is this lady ever talented and unbelievable flexible... Quite the performance to say the least!

If you think that was crazy check out this sidecar crash... I think something like that would make me reconsider my career choice!

For more amazing video check out the professional regurgetator or the worst cable TV show ever!


The Worst Cable TV Show In The World

Hilarious... watch as this guy tries to pull a little stunt, surprise!

One of the most unlucky bull fighters in the world... probably a good idea to retire after a day like this! Gotta love Max X!

For more amazing videos check out this setting paper on fire with his bare hands or find out how to live your life without any arms!


Samuel Jackson The Hockey Coach

Hilarious skit with Chris Chelios from the Detroit Red Wings and Samuel L. Jackson... he is certainly quite the motivator! Watch out this video does have just a bit of profanity...

Here is a short compilation of sports bloopers... some of these really look painful, especially the skating accident, ouch!

And finally for no reason other than the fact that this is just hilarious... Samuel Jackson beer...

For more you can check out how to live your life without any arms or you can find out why people are so stupid.


How To Live Your Life Without Any Arms

This lady just goes to show you that anything can be accomplished with a little hard work... I am sure you never really realize how useful your feet can be! Watch the videos it is truely heart-warming to see someone prevail against all odds...

Here is a similar story... all you people feeling sorry for yourself should try and put yourself in these people's shoes. It might give you a different perspective on how hard your life really is.

For more amazing people check out this strange professional or this guy sending items through solid glass!


Just Plain Amazing - Professional Regurgetator

Watch as this guy swallows light bulbs, fish, and even a billiard ball and then brings them back out of his stomach with ease... Wonder how the hell you would even learn this. O yeah, by the way I wouldn't try this at home! For more info just search for Stevie Starr...

If you think that is unbelievable just watch the next clip... this guy must have had someone or something looking over him that day!

For more unbelievable videos check out this guy shooting electricity out of his hands or the most unlucky skydiver in the world!


Unbelievable Bird Sounds Like Chain Saw, Camera, Car Alarm!

This lyrebird has an amazing ability... watch as he puts on a show to attract a mate. Just goes to show you that there are some males that really do go out of thier way to please their female counterparts...

If you think that was crazy, check out what this next bird can do!

For more crazy creatures check out this ultimate collection of animals or the super slow motion snake bite!


Why Are People So Stupid?

This should have been in the last post on this page, "Stupid People Doing Stupid Things." Watch out there is some bad language in this video, so if need be cover your ears... and of course don't try this yourself!

Just in case you need a little more check out this video...


Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

I wonder how many of these next clips involve alcohol? Take a guess...

This next guy is a real moron... very lucky to just "walk away"

Finally you can really feel the pain in some of these clips set to Beck - "Loser"... very good choice I must say!

If you are still looking for more check out the unlucky skydiver or these unbelievable pool tricks!


The Ultimate Collection Of Animals

Apes, Lions, Cats, Geese, Dogs, Birds, Ostridges you name it... I am sure you have probably seen some of these clips before, but it is worth a look!

For even more that a look at the amazing escaping octopus or the slow motion shark attack.


The Most Unlucky Skydiver In The World?

Just watch as this near disaster unfolds, talk about a bad day... if you think that is lucky check out this next guy.

What a maniac... what the hell is this guy thinking!

How can people just walk away from crashes like this, simply amazing... I think I would consider a career change after surviving that.

For more amazing videos feast your eyes on these amazing football clips or the crazy surfer dude.


Are These Just Unbelievable Camera Tricks?

Watch out some of these videos are a bit graphic.

I have no idea how this trick was done... messed up!

This one I could almost see being humanly possible.

This trick I have no clue, crazy video, I guess it must be some sort of camera tricks or something, pretty amazing stuff.

For even more you can check out this guy walking on water... or just search for Chris Angel


Amazing What You Can Do With A Stick And Some Balls

This guy has way too much time on his hands... this pool trick must have taken an eternity to setup!

Wow, that is a lot of trick shots... endless possibilities in the game of pool. This video is about 9 minutes long.

For more amazing videos check out this guy sending items through solid glass or these yo-yo tricksters!


Top 50 Football/Soccer Goals Of All Time

What can I say, whether you call it football or soccer, this video is truly amazing! Kudos to whomever made it, very nice job. Which one is your favorite?

If you still need more after that you really have a problem... but I can help, check out these soccer/football bloopers or these "American" football plays!


Amazing Man Sends Items Through Solid Glass

You just have to get past the beginning, but this video is truly amazing... the part with the salt shaker blew my mind! If someone wants to translate, feel free.

If you are looking for more amazing videos check out this guy setting paper on fire with just his bare hands or these crazy flying fish!


The Most Unbelievable Football Plays

This football player has certainly got some ups... I wonder if he left a cleat mark on that guys back?

This has to be the one of the best catches of all time... I can safely say I have never seen anything like it!

Enjoy these top clips from 2006 college football.

If you still would like to see more you can check out these sports bloopers or football's greatest hits!


"It Was Like A Beer Can Getting Hit By A Guerrilla"

There is a darn good chance this truck driver lost his driving license after this move...

This video might as well be called "The most painful crashes ever!"

For more you can check out how not to park your motorcycle or the miraculous basketball shot.


Save This Page To Delicious

Surfer Almost Gets Head Chopped Off

Crazy video with these guy decided it is a good idea to surfer near a large rock formation... probably not the best idea.

Here is a little more footage of what it is like to ride the monster waves!

If you still need more you can check out the man who can shoot electricity out of his hands or these bench clearing brawls!


Insane Rock Climber Defies Death

I don't know what this guy is on, but he must be crazy... He uses no safety devices at all and seems to fly right up the side of the cliff!

For more insanity check out the these insane base jumps or the luckiest guy in the world!


Beats The Heck Out Of Fishing

This video is truly amazing watch as hundreds of fish bombard this fishing boat...

Here is the full version these guys are crazy!

If you think that was amazing check out this stunning photography...


Man Shoots Electricity Out Of His Hands

Watch as this guy sets paper on fire with his bare hands and don't be an idiot and try this yourself...

For more amazing videos you can check out the man walking on water or these insane base jumps!


Insane Base Jumps

These guys have some real steel kahonies... It takes a lot of guts to even climb to some of those heights let alone base jump off them!

After watching that video you probably look like this lady...

For more crazy videos check out this super slow motion snake bite or the split personality dog!


Soccer... Or Is It Football?

Some of the funniest, amazing and down right crazy soccer plays ever....

More soccer/football bloopers set to some groovy music!

If you still want more sports videos you can check out "american" football's greatest hits or the miraculous basketball shot!


Bench Clearing Hockey Fights

This video is simply amazing, it is from the 1987 World Juniors Championship between Russia and Canada. Both of the benches end up being cleared and anarchy is let loose... enjoy this old time hockey, because you certainly aren't going to see anything like this in today's "new NHL"!

This next one I would suggest watching with the volume muted, but I guess that is your choice. I am not much of a limp bisket fan...

For more crazy brawls check out this fight!


The Greatest Football Hits

Some of the best and most vicious hits from the NFL are included in this video which is set to "American idiot" by Green Day. Some of these hits are just plain unbelievable!

This massive shots are from all from college football!

This last video has hits from both football and just a little hockey at the end too...

If you still want more you can check out these crazy lighting storms or the weightlifting accident.


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