It Takes A Cool Head To Be A Keeper

I am sure all of the keepers in this clip with the video camera was never invented... lucky for us it was and there is youtube! This is why I never wanted to be a goalie!

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Some Of The Best Driving Skills I Have Ever Seen

Slick... very slick! I gotta imagine this comes from a movie or something because it looks planned out to some degree. Either way this is pretty impressive stuff!

I can tell you that the criminals don't win them all and this proves that point quite harshly...Ouch!

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The Amazing Stamp Lady

I guess over in Japan they pick there carears early on in life. I imagine this lady has been practicing for this moment all of her life...

Since were going with the crazy foreigners theme here check out these soccer/football announcers. I can't believe they put these guys right next to each other!

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The Luckiest Boater On The Planet

This guy has someone upstairs on his side... this is truly an amazing video! I would love to here what this guy has to say after watching this video.

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Only In Vegas...

I got one for this guy... get a real job! Maybe he should get into pole dancing?

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Stunts Gone Very Wrong

O man that's gotta hurt! I have seen some of these before but it is still worth the view... I bet this will make you think twice the next time you go for one of those flaming drinks!

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Nice Leg Kick!

Ouch this guy probably woke up with one hell of a headache! Looks like he got hit twice in one kick, but I really think the first one is the one that knocked him out cold. Lucky he did cause that guy looked pretty big...

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This is probably what was going through that big guys head just after the blow...

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Funny Backflips

You know I guess it does take a lot of practice to perform a proper backflip... as you can see it is not as easy as some people make it look! Some of these attempted backflips really look like they hurt A LOT!

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