Why Chris Simon Should Be Kicked Out Of The NHL

First let me show you a play from a little while ago... Unbelievably uncalled for, he should have been kicked out of the NHL for this one. Ryan Hollweg did end up being ok, but imagine if he didn't... thing would have be much different.

This last play got Chris Simon a 30 game suspension... The longest in NHL regular season history. My only question is why didn't they just kick him out for good? He is obviously a repeat offender, that only seems to get worse.

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Bobcat Vs. Snake

This is quite the battle courtesy of Max X! In one corner the massive bobcat, in the other a deadly rattle snake. You might be surprised who comes out on top in this battle and man does that bobcat have some mad ups!

Next up is Eagle Vs. Goat... not much of a fight here, but still pretty darn amazing to watch!

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Top Five Funny Soccer Goals!

I remember growing up and one of my english soccer coaches would always say "unlucky"... I now know the true meaning of the statement after watching this soccer clip...

The poor, poor keepers is all I can say...

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Unbelievable Hockey Brawls!

Who ever made this video must really like Ty Domi... can't say I blame em, he was one hell of a fighter! You play you pay!

I gotta say, a fair fight is a fair fight, but some of the sucker punches in this next video are just uncalled for! If you don't have the guts to face someone head on then you are just a coward... That being said this video does have some amazing knockouts...

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