Winter Fun Gone Wrong

Sure everyone knows that sliding on a snow covered ping pong table is a winter tradition, but I think these guess need a bit more practice...

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How To Blow Up A Microwave The Right Way

Sure there is a lot of different ways to make your microwave blow up, but do you know which one to use? Perhaps a box of wine? Ok seriously, don't try this at home, watch what happens!

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Brutal Bench Clearing Hockey Brawl From Russia

Starts out a bit slow, but the end is worth the wait! Sometimes I wish the NHL was more like this... This one just happened at the beginning of January 2010.

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Brutal Dumbbell Faceplant

Maybe this guy should have started out a little lighter on the weighs... Just a thought...

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Cheerleader Jumping

Could it be a new Olympic sport? I think it might get quite the ratings for some reason... One thing is for sure though John Wall has got some ups!

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