Coolest Guy In The World

The umbrella and rubix cube was a nice touch... This guy is a mad man watch as he does some completely insane tricks!

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Soccer Kick To The Face

Dirty, dirty, dirty! Talk about a cheap shot, you can tell this guy meant to slash this guys face open! Looked like a clean tackle to me before that on top of it!

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The Funniest Knockout Face Ever

O man, I don't know if this guy is ever gonna look the same after taking a shot like that! The look on that guys face is just priceless...

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Greatest Football Comeback Ever

This video was shot in 1994 at the Texas state championship game... Plano East down 41-17 to Tyler John Tyler less than three minutes to go. What you are about to see is considered to be the greatest football comeback ever!

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Boxer Punches Himself In The Face

After see something like this you would think this boxer might reconsider his career choice... Maybe he has just gone emo on us...

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Football Player Punches Player In Face

Seriously could you make it any easier to make fun of stupid steroid taking football players... Talk about no class... How do these guys make it this far in the first place... Oregon Ducks RB LeGarrette Blount has been suspended for the season after this ridiculous cheap shot. What a loser...

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