Bad Ass Soccer Players

I have seen a lot of soccer videos on the net, but nothing quite like this. Here I thought this was just going to be another stupid soccer video... Boy was I wrong!

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Can You Tell What's Going To Happen?

The stupidity of some people really does amaze me sometimes... Watch as this chump feeds his hand to the alligator... Not too smart!

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Amazing Pumpkin Carvings

I can't even imagine how long it took to make some of these pumpkin carvings... Very impressive, which one is your favorite?

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Massive Check Breaks Glass

Milan Lucic hits Mike Van Ryn in an NHL game just the other day 10/23/08. Kerblam... that really describes it well...

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The Halloween Theme Song

Anyone who has seen the Halloween movie series can relate to this next video. I got say they did a great job with the whole production... Have a look!

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Sarah Palin Vs. Terry Tate

I am sure at least some of you have seen the now infamous Katie Couric interview with Sarah Palin. Katie asks her a relatively simple question about which newspaper she reads on a regular basis. Just wait till you hear her answer, I bet it is not what you expect...

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Just Another Moron On Youtube

When I first saw this video I thought, you can't be serious, but alas this really did happen!! Watch this over and over and don't be a fool and try this on the road...

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Landslide Caught On Tape

What you are about to see is some crazy footage of a landslide in action. The guy shooting the video is pretty darn lucky he wasn't much closer...

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