Things That Make You Go Hmm!

A crazy slide show of pictures taken at exactly the right time... Amazing stuff! Set to the song Vertigo by U2. Not to crazy about the song but the pics are something to behold... enjoy!

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By Popular Demand Another Brutal Knockout

What a move... I won't spoil it for you just watch and enjoy this knockout by Jonathan Gougeon in Quebec at the Club Taekwondo Laval! He was out cold...

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Mongoose Vs. Cobra

Ah the battles never stop in the real world... This is some amazing footage of a Mongoose making quick work of a poor not so defenseless cobra! Pretty crazy to see something willing to take on a this dangerous creature, I guess it has nothing to lose...

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Extreme Unicycling... Yes Unicycling!

These guys are good! It would be hard enough to do most of these tricks on a regular bicycle.... Very impressive!!!

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Unbelievable Knockouts From Mixed Martial Arts

Pride fighting, UFC and some other knockouts your gonna love it! Some of the best fighters from around the world of mixed martial arts are included. Trust me this is a great compilation...

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This Guy Might Be A Redneck

I can't help but post this one... hilarious! I won't ruin it for you just watch!

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Amazing Physics

If anyone would like to explain... please do, because I can't exactly figure out what is going on in this video. Is it just camera tricks or something else?

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A Couple Amazing Moments In Sports

Why this game had so many balls to the face I have no idea, but it really makes for a interesting video...

Again in honor of the NHL playoffs check out this great goal! Quite the move that he pulls... I don't know about you, but I am picking The Red Wings to take home Lord Stanley this year!

And last one is an amazing clip from a rodeo, don't want to give away what happens, but the horses reaction was pretty crazy! Good to know that they all walked away from it without any major injuries...

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