What Will They Come Up With Next?

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a crazy idea like this... human Tetris! I must say though they could have done a little better on the material!

This next one is one of the greatest blunders in rugby history, from the European Cup Finals! Suck to be this guy...

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Man Jumps Car 171 Feet!

From the show Stunt Junkies on the Discovery Channel, Ken Block has really got some ups! Not sure if this was the world record since, but still...

Sure the guy above was pretty impressive, but not everyone can be winners. Case in point...

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Crazy Soccer Skills

This is some very impressive dribbling skills... So I forgot was it soccer or football?

This next clip really looks like fun! I would love to try it out someday... what do you say?

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Javelin Accident In Rome

This just happened the other day in Rome. I think the guy throwing missed the mark by just a bit... I am going guess this is going to leave a mark! I think next time he might be watching during the javelin event.

Tough to say which one would hurt more... you be the judge and leave your opinion in the comments.

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Micheal Jordan's Greatest Moments

Before there was Lebron James and Kobe Bryant there was #23! The best basketball player ever in my eyes... Here are some of his best moves, enjoy!

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Some Of The Finer Moment In The NHL

I don't know about you but I am already going through withdrawal symptoms now that the Stanley cup finals are over. Well, here is a little compilation that might tide you over for at least a day or two...

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Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Jump Over A 7'2" Person?

Yeah me neither, but this is pretty amazing!!!! USA! USA!! USA!!!

Happy 4th!

An what could be more American the football? Maybe apple pie, but that is about it... watch as Mr Emmitt Smith gets laid out!

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Skydiving Accidents Caught On Tape

This is brutal footage of a base jumping experience gone very wrong. It is good to see that she came out of this alright. Might even make you think twice about your hobby of base jumping...

Not many people get a second chance like this... I hope they don't waste it!

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One Of The Worst Crashes You Will Ever See

Absolutely brutal! Watch as the drive looses control and veers over into the other driver's lane. What happens next is almost too much to watch...

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