Don't Mess With This Chick

Or this could happen to you! What a knee! If anyone can translate, please do, I can't wait to find out what exactly they are saying...

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A Horrible Train Wreck

This driver is not too smart... Didn't they tell you in driver's ed not to try and outrun a train? I guess there are a lot of stupid people in the world...

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One Hell Of A Catch

Either this is fake footage or this is the best ball girl in the entire world! Just watch this spectacular catch...

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Don't Mess With This Kid!

If I didn't know any better I would have thought this kid was trained by Bruce Lee! What a knockout! I hope that kid is ok, because he is certainly out cold...

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The Worst Faceplant Ever!

O man that has to hurt! After I saw this Kite Tubing video I think I might just think twice about trying it out. What a faceplant...

Huge Kite-Tubing Faceplant - Watch more free videos

Now that your warmed up here is a compilation of the worst faceplants in the world! Ouch... I hope these people are all ok. It is even painful just to watch!

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The Worst Tumors Ever

First up is an amazing 303lbs tumor! You would think that this woman would have gone to the doctors sooner...

Next up is a poor girl with a massive tumor on her face. I would like to know how this surgery came out. What a nightmare...

Finally here is another unbelievable tumor on the face. I am surprised that the elders of the village would not want her to try and get this fixed. I am sure if they did nothing she would die... Again though I wonder what happened?

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Unassited Triple Play By Asdrubal Cabrera

Watch as Asdrubal Cabrera turns out one of only 14 unassisted triple plays in Major League Baseball history! What a play!

Here is another triple play, not quite as impressive as the first, but still pretty good...

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The Price Is So Very Wrong

This clip from the Price Is Right is spreading around like crazy. Watch as this poor lady thinks she wins not once, but twice. I'm sure nobody saw it right?

Next up is a classic from the Price Is Right. Can you believe how young Bob Barker looks in this clip?

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