Goalies Gone Wild

You gotta love it when goalies snap and just go crazy! This is the top ten NHL goalie moments... Most of them invovling fights of course : ) The only problem I have with this video is #1... Should have been Roy Vs. Vernon...

And now for the greatest moment in recent hockey history...

Since you didn't get to see Roy's face after the fight here you go...Anybody else ready for the playoffs yet? Go Wings!

Sheep Herding Art

I don't know how exactly you come up with an idea like this one. Watch as these sheep herders attach lights to the backs of sheep and produce a fantastic light display! You gotta admit that is pretty impressive...

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Electro Man Summons Star Wars Music

Any Star Wars fan can appreciate this next video... The beginning sucks but get through that, trust me its worth it!

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Don't Throw Paperclips!

I don't know if this is real, but I would be pissed too! Don't mess with the guy on the phone...

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Mad Badminton Man Smashes Watermelon

What you are about to experience is the Beijing gold medalist in Badminton Mixed Doubles, Lee Yong Dae cracking up a watermelon with a shuttlecock... Impressive speed young one...

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Hasek Takes Out Gaborik

I remember this next video when it happened... What an unbelievable play by the madman Hasek... He always was a little nutty if you ask me... Who's ready for the playoffs?

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